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Explore the Exciting World of Tesher Pokemon Cards for Sale

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  • Explore the Exciting World of Tesher Pokemon Cards for Sale

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    • Specifications

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    Item name
    pokemoned flash card
    as per pic
    100 pcs/pack
    In English: 20Gx+20 mega+1 energy+59 EX Arts; 80EX+20GX; 95GX+5 mega; 20 mega+80 EX; 89GX+11 trainer; 60V+40 Vmax; 50 Vmax+50 V; 40TAG+40GX+10 trainer+10 energy; 78EX+21GX+1 energy; Gx TAG; 100Vmax; 100V
    In French: 100Gx; 100V(60V+40Vmax);100V (50V+50Vmax); 100 EX; 100Vmax; 100 TAG TEAM
    In Spanish:88 Vmax+11Energy +1 trainer;99Vmax+1 trainer

    The Game Concept


    Tesher Pokemon Cards is a gaming phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. It is a trading card game that features different types of cards such as trainer cards, energy cards, and Pokemon cards that players use to create their decks. The goal of the game is to defeat your opponent by reducing their Pokemon’s health points to zero.


    The Basic Rules


    Players take turns drawing cards from their decks, playing cards onto the field, and using their active Pokemon to attack their opponent’s active Pokemon. Each Pokemon has unique abilities and strengths and players must strategically use their cards to gain the upper hand.

    Explore the Exciting World of Tesher Pokemon Cards for Sale

    How to Go Underground in Pokémon Diamond

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    The Series


    Tesher Pokemon Cards is an ongoing series that is constantly expanding with new cards being released regularly. Each new series introduces new Pokemon, new mechanics, and new strategies.

    The Win Condition

    The game is won by reducing your opponent’s Pokemon’s health points to zero or by forcing them to run out of cards in their deck.


    The Types of Cards


    There are three main types of cards in Tesher Pokemon Cards. Trainer cards provide various effects such as healing, drawing cards, and strengthening your Pokemon. Energy cards are used to power up your Pokemon’s attacks. Pokemon cards are the heart of the game and feature different species of Pokemon with unique moves, abilities, and stats.


    Pokemon Card Attributes


    Pokemon cards have various attributes that define their characteristics. Each Pokemon has a type such as fire, water, or grass that determines their strengths and weaknesses. They also have a set of hit points that represent their health and the amount of damage they can withstand. Finally, they have a list of moves that they can use during battles.


    Deck Types

    There are several different types of decks in Tesher Pokemon Cards, each with its own strategy and playstyle. Some popular deck types include control decks that focus on disrupting your opponent’s plans, aggro decks that aim to deal quick damage, and combo decks that rely on specific card combinations to win.


    Wholesale Opportunities

    We are a professional Tesher Pokemon Cards wholesaler and are always looking for new distributors. If you are interested in becoming a local retailer or distributor, please contact us through email, WhatsApp, or leave us a message.




    Tesher Pokemon Cards for sale is a game that offers endless hours of fun and strategic gameplay. With an ever-expanding series of cards and new decks to try out, there’s never been a better time to jump into the world of Pokemon Card gaming.


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