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Unleashing the Secrets of Pokemon Go: From Catching Zorua to Finding Turtwig

» BLOG » Unleashing the Secrets of Pokemon Go: From Catching Zorua to Finding Turtwig

Unleashing the Secrets of Pokemon Go: From Catching Zorua to Finding Turtwig

June 5, 2023

How do you catch Zorua in Pokemon Go

Unleashing the Secrets of Pokemon Go: From Catching Zorua to Finding Turtwig


Are you struggling to catch your favorite Pokemon in the vast world of Pokemon Go? Do you want to know more about the game’s mechanics and how to optimize your gameplay? Then, you’ve come to the right place! En este articulo, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Pokemon Go, including where to find Turtwig, how to catch Zorua, what foil Pokemon cards are, how to make money flipping Pokemon cards, what IV means in Pokemon Go, and how to get a Sinnoh Stone.

Preguntas más frecuentes

1. How do you catch Zorua in Pokemon Go?

Zorua is a rare Pokemon that can be caught in the wild or acquired through special events. One way to catch Zorua is to hatch a 7km egg received from gifts or by spinning Poke Stops and Gyms. Another way is to participate in Field Research tasks and encounter Zorua as a reward. You can also increase your chances of finding Zorua by visiting areas with high spawn rates, such as parks or city centers.

2. Where to find Turtwig in Pokemon Arceus?

Turtwig is one of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Arceus, the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise. As a Grass-type Pokemon, Turtwig can be found in grassy areas, such as forests, meadows, and parks. You can also encounter Turtwig by exploring its natural habitat, the Sinnoh region, in Pokemon Arceus.

3. What does foil Pokemon card mean?

A foil Pokemon card is a special version of a Pokemon trading card that features a shiny, holographic artwork. These cards are highly sought after by collectors and players alike and are usually rarer and more valuable than their non-foil counterparts. Some foil cards are also exclusive to certain sets or events, making them even more scarce and valuable.

4. Can you make money flipping Pokemon cards?

Sí, you can make money flipping Pokemon cards if you have the knowledge, skills, and patience to do so. Flipping refers to buying and selling Pokemon cards at a profit, usually by taking advantage of market trends, fluctuations, and demand. To succeed in flipping, you need to research the market, identify profitable opportunities, and be willing to invest time and money into buying and selling cards. You can also partner with wholesale Pokemon card suppliers like us to get better deals and discounts on bulk purchases.

5. What is IV in Pokemon Go?

IV stands for Individual Values, which refer to the hidden attributes that determine a Pokemon’s stats, such as its Attack, Defense, and HP. IVs range from 0 a 15 and are randomly generated when a Pokemon is caught or hatched. Higher IVs mean better stats and more potential for powering up and evolving a Pokemon. You can check a Pokemon’s IVs by using in-game tools or third-party apps that analyze its CP, caballos de fuerza, and appraisal.

6. How to get a Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go?

A Sinnoh Stone is a special evolution item that allows certain Pokemon from the Sinnoh region to evolve into their stronger forms. You can get a Sinnoh Stone by completing tasks in the game, such as winning battles in PvP or completing Research Breakthroughs. You can also earn a chance to receive a Sinnoh Stone by participating in certain events or by spinning the PokeStop streak.


We hope that this article has answered some of the burning questions you have about Pokemon Go and its various aspects, from catching rare Pokemon to flipping profitable cards. Remember that Pokemon Go is a game that requires dedication, strategy, and passion, so enjoy the journey and catch ’em all! If you’re interested in becoming a wholesale Pokemon card distributor or retailer, Por favor contactanos vía email, WhatsApp, o deja un mensaje en nuestra web. We look forward to hearing from you!

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