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Prix ​​​​du jeu de cartes Pokemon Go: Tout ce que tu as besoin de savoir

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    Prix ​​​​du jeu de cartes Pokemon Go: Tout ce que tu as besoin de savoir

    Prix ​​​​du jeu de cartes Pokemon Go

    360 cards/box Pokemon card set

    We are a professional factory and support customisation in all versions and languages. Limited to a starting order of 3000 boxes only. Please note that this is for fake Pokemon cards.

    Please contact us if you would like to order. Thank you for your order. Non-genuine, card toys, no refunds or exchanges on products sold.

    English: EVO, BAT, DAR, VOL, ESK, MIND, SUN, UNB, CHI, FUS, BRI, ASTR, Lost Origin.

    French: DAR, EVOL, FUS, BRI, AST, CHI, BAT.

    Spanish: FUS, VV.
    Soleil et lune
    The unbroken bond
    Unity of thought
    Darkness is burning
    Fighting style
    Icy domination
    The ever-changing sky
    Brilliant stars
    Lost in origin
    Silver Storm

    Smaller language (French and Spanish) cards are available with a minimum order of 30 boxes. Feel free to contact our sales staff.

    Prix ​​​​du jeu de cartes Pokemon Go

    Introduction to Pokemon Go Card Set Prices

    Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm since its release in 2016, and with it comes a whole world of collectibles. Pokemon Go card sets are some of the most popular collectibles among fans. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a beginner, it’s important to know the ins and outs of Pokemon Go card set prices to make informed decisions when buying, selling, or trading them.


    Product name
    324pcs/360pcs Pokemoned booster Cards Pack
    English/Spanish/French or customized
    One box including 36 small packs,one pack including 10 pcs
    Entertaiment Playing Cards for kids
    Lead time
    Stock: 1-3days fast delivery. customized: about 15-35dasys
    Independent Packing
    360 series booster card packs: each series contains 360 cartes, each pack contains rare flash cards and common cards (the common
    cards are slightly repeated, flash cards are not repeated Some version packages only have 324 sheets)


    The History of Pokemon Go Card Sets

    Pokémon, short forpocket monsters,” originally began as a video game franchise in 1996. It quickly gained popularity and spawned various merchandise, y compris les cartes à collectionner. The world of Pokemon Go was introduced in 2016 as an augmented reality game that allowed players to catch virtual Pokemon in the real world. This game also brought about a resurgence in Pokemon card collecting. Nowadays, Pokemon Go card sets come in a range of prices and styles, from the classic trading card game to more modern and exclusive sets.

    How to Play Pokemon Go Card Sets

    Playing Pokemon Go card sets requires a basic understanding of the Pokemon universe and the rules of the trading card game. Each card represents a Pokemon with its own abilities and stats. Players use their cards to battle against each other until one player wins the game. To start playing, you’ll need to purchase a deck of cards and learn the rules. You can also play online with other players or attend local events and tournaments.

    Prix ​​​​du jeu de cartes Pokemon Go

    What Pokemon are Good Against Fire?

    • Water-type Pokemon like Squirtle, Blastoise, and Lapras
    • Rock-type Pokemon like Onix, Kabuto, and Kabutops
    • Ground-type Pokemon like Sandshrew, Diglett, and Dugtrio

    How Much are the Old Promo Pokemon Cards Worth?

    • The value of old promo cards depends on several factors like rarity, condition, et la demande
    • Some rare promo cards like Pikachu Illustrator can fetch up to $100,000
    • You can use online price guides or consult with a reputable dealer to determine their value

    How to Put Pokemon on SD Card?

    • Insert the SD card into your device
    • Connect your device to a computer
    • Copy and paste the Pokemon files from your device to the SD card

    How to Battle Friends in Pokemon Violet?

    • Open the game and go to the Battle Tower
    • SelectWirelessand chooseLink Battle
    • Enter your friend’s player name or code to battle them

    How to Use Radio Card in Pokemon Crystal?

    • Go to Goldenrod City and enter the Radio Tower
    • Talk to the receptionist and get the Radio Card
    • Press the Start button and select the Radio Card option
    • Choose a radio channel and listen to music or prompts

    Can You Buy Tera Shards Pokemon?

    • Non, Tera Shards are not a currency or item in Pokemon games
    • They may be used in some fan-made games or mods, but they have no official value

    Prix ​​​​du jeu de cartes Pokemon Go

    Important Tips and Tricks

    When it comes to buying and selling Pokemon Go card sets, it’s important to know the value of each card. Some cards can be worth significantly more than others due to their rarity or level of demand. A good way to stay up-to-date on current prices is to follow reputable sellers on social media or online marketplaces. It’s also important to pay attention to new releases and limited edition sets, as these can quickly become valuable collector’s items.

    Top 5 Must-Have Pokemon Go Cards

    – Dracaufeu: One of the most iconic and sought-after Pokemon, a first edition Charizard card can fetch upwards of $1000.

    Pikachu Illustrator: This rare card was given to winners of a Japanese illustration contest and is valued at around $90,000.

    – Mewdeux: This powerful Pokemon is a fan favorite and its cards are highly sought after.

    Shadowless Blastoise: This card is from the first edition of the original trading card game and can fetch a high price due to its rarity.

    Shiny Charizard: Similar to the first edition Charizard, this card is highly valued among collectors due to its rarity and popularity.

    Meet the Most Popular Pokemon

    – Pikachu: The mascot of the Pokemon franchise, Pikachu is recognizable by its yellow fur and lightning bolt tail.

    – Dracaufeu: One of the most iconic Pokemon, Charizard is a fire/flying type with impressive battle stats.

    – Mewdeux: A genetically modified Pokemon, Mewtwo has high psychic abilities and is a formidable opponent.

    – Évoli: This cute and fluffy Pokemon can evolve into multiple different forms, making it a fan favorite.

    Bulbasaur: One of the original starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur is a grass type with a bulb on its back that grows into a flower as it evolves.

    Prix ​​​​du jeu de cartes Pokemon Go

    What Does a Legendary Pokemon Card Look Like?

    • Legendary Pokemon cards are typically very rare and valuable, and often feature a holographic foil or special artwork.
    • Some examples of legendary Pokemon cards include Mewtwo, Rayquaza, and Entei.

    Does Driving Count in Pokemon Go?

    • While you shouldn’t play Pokemon Go while driving, the game does track your movement when you’re a passenger in a car or on public transportation.
    • Cependant, if you’re moving too fast (over 30mph), the game will not register your distance traveled.

    What Pokemon Cards Have Flash Fire Ability?

    • Flash Fire is an ability that increases the power of Fire-type moves when a Pokemon with this ability is hit by a fire attack.
    • Some Pokemon cards that have the Flash Fire ability include Charizard, Flaréon, and Chandelure.

    Where to Buy Mints Violet Pokemon?

    • Mints Violet is a popular Pokemon in the game, but it’s not a card.
    • Cependant, you can purchase Mints (items that change a Pokemon’s nature) in the game’s Battle Tower or from certain NPCs.

    What Is the Best Pokemon Card Set to Collect?

    • There are many different Pokemon card sets to collect, but some of the most popular include the Base Set, Neo Genesis, and XY sets.
    • The best set to collect ultimately depends on your personal preferences and budget.

    How to Get Exp Candy in Pokemon Violet?

    • Exp Candy is an item that can be used to instantly level up a Pokemon.
    • You can obtain Exp Candy from Max Raids, completing Dynamax Adventures, and participating in certain events in the game.

    Be a Pokemon Card Wholesaler and Distributor!

    • Contact us via email, WhatsApp, or leave a message to become a local distributor or wholesaler of Pokemon cards

    In Conclusion

    If you’re a Pokemon fan and want to know more about battling, collecting, or trading, this article has answered some common questions. Keep playing and catch ’em all!

    Prix ​​​​du jeu de cartes Pokemon Go Prix ​​​​du jeu de cartes Pokemon Go Prix ​​​​du jeu de cartes Pokemon Go


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